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Magical Birthplace

Born To Capture Magic

Developed in 2013 Full Time Pilot Records set out to chase dreams for those who believed in the power of art through great music and positive uplifting experiences.

“Life is surrounded by a soundtrack of our own design. The beauty we see and feel in this world will only be seen through the eyes of ones own creation” – Fred Lee Heintz IV

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Late Night Special

Cum Hard Again Cardigan

Fred Lee IV


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Our Goal

Our goal as an Independent label is to provide a safe and confident environment for musicians who are ready to take the next step in their musical journey. We want our artist to continue to grow authentically all while maintaining the strong passion for their art as the demand for their time and efforts increase. Being apart of the industry since 2013 we understand the resposibilities artists take on throughout the different levels of success in the music industry, and we strive to offer advice and help that will lead them to the dreams and goals they have set out to accomplish through sharing their art.